The deep water is considered the area beyond the 4-foot lane rope including the diving board and slide area.


  • At ASC, our members’ safety is our first priority.  For the safe enjoyment of the main pool, only qualified swimmers will be allowed access to the deep water.
  • Close supervision of youth is the key to water safety.  Individual(s) accompanying children must remain in the same pool area and be visible to the child at all times.
  • To be allowed access to the deep water, all members below the age of 15 are required to pass the deep-water test.
  • Testing will be performed by ASC personnel at scheduled times.
  • Once a swimmer passes the swim test, a wristband will be issued and must be worn at all times to access the deep water. 
  • Access to the deep water will only be permitted to swimmers wearing the appropriate wristband.
  • A wristband does not GUARANTEE access to the deep water.  ASC retains the right to revoke access or retest where it is deemed necessary including yearly retest.
  • ASC staff may request testing of swimmers regardless of age if deemed necessary.
  • Deep water testing applies to all guests of the swim club (including birthday parties).
  • Proof of age for swimmers over the age of 18 may be requested.
  • Deep water testing is available for any swimmer over the age of 18 upon request.  Please make an appointment with the staff.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to update ASC staff of any change, medical or otherwise, which may impact a child’s swimming ability. In such cases, a child who previously passed the deep-water test should be retested by parent request.



Successful completion of the deep-water test includes:

  • Demonstrate a continuous stroke (any stroke) for 2-lengths of the pool


  • Tread water for one minute, maintaining head above water


  • The lifeguard will record the swimmer’s name and date of test in a designated binder.
  • The lifeguard will notify the front desk of qualified deep-water swimmers.
  • The swimmer’s membership card will be marked and a wristband will be issued.
  • Wristbands will be issued daily when the card is presented upon entry to the pool.
  • All test results must be recorded and all disputes will be determined based upon the recorded results.

Swimmers who fail the test will be eligible for retesting the following day. 


  • Only Coast Guard approved jackets and vests are allowed in the pool. No flotation devices are allowed! (for example - noodles, kick boards, tubes etc.)
  • ​Please make sure that what you buy states on the packaging that the vest is USCG Approved.
  • Here are a few links to USCG approved Life Jackets